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Versions du programme
OnyxCeph³™ Lab
License Type RL+ one-off 4.800,00 HT
Modules optionnels
Sim 3D Module one-off 1.800,00 HT
Planning of Combined Orthodontic & OMS Treatment
Waefer Creation Module one-off 1.200,00 HT
Design of Surgical Waefers Intermediate/Final
V.T.O.3D Module (Virtual Setup) one-off 1.200,00 HT
Creation of Virtual Setups
Module BondingTrays one-off 1.200,00 HT
Design of Bracket Transfer Trays
Module Wire_Bonding one-off 600,00 HT
Virtual Straight Wire Planning
Module Bracket Erase one-off 600,00 HT
Virtual Bracket Removal
Module Aligner one-off 600,00 HT
Virtual Aligner Planning
Module Retainer one-off 600,00 HT
Virtual Retainer Planning