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Define the objective of the virtual treatment

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Align 3D

Treatment planning virtual alignment

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Positioning the bracket on the malocclusion

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Retainer 3D

Virtual restraint planning

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Price list

Below are the current prices for available products, services and accessories
For OnyxCeph³™ dental imaging software.

OS license type
+LR license

4800 € HT/ Basic

V.T.O Module
3D Aligner Module
3D retainer module
Module bracket erase

Price / Module

Support + M.A.J

600 € HT/ Yearly (Support)

200 € HT/ Yearly (Update)

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OnyxCeph³™ as a Windows client/server software with SQL database for archiving, diagnosis, visual treatment planning and patient education can provide you with all the tools needed for such a workflow in addition to all the traditional 2D and 3D imaging options usually needed in the ortho office or lab.

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